Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Price: $29.50
(as of Jan 31,2023 17:49:36 UTC – Details)

Fun Gadget for Parties
Anyone can play this percussion instrument. It can be held in the hands and played by tapping or hitting the head, or shaking to make the jingles bell. Add much fun to party, dancing, concert, toys, etc.
Classical Style
This wooden tambourine is constructed with an acoustic shell and a pre-tuned drumhead, and one row of 5 jingles around the shell.
Product Features
Measures 8″ in diameter.
5 Pairs Jingles with single row.
Easy playing tambourines for any percussion need.
Sound pleasing to the ear.

8 inch in dimater, the church tambourine is easy to grasp and play, and take along elsewhere.
Headed with durable lightweight sheepskin.
Makes good sound. Add much fun to party, dancing, concert,toys etc.
Classical style, 5 Jingles x 1 Row, melodious plink.

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