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The Shape28 Educational Colorful balance stones manipulatives for preschool are appealing for playing, creating, and learning. These manipulatives for children are perfect for developing cognitive skills, improving hand-eye coordination, logical analysis, and color matching. Younger kids can quickly develop fine motor skills as they stack, design, and count.
The colorful toddler stacking toy set encourages children to develop their own activities. Or by introducing the 25 activity cards, it’s a great way to inspire educational play.
The lightweight stacking stones preschool math manipulatives are visually appealing. This toy set inspires the unique shaped stones, the bright colors, and the warm, smooth feel. It makes stacking and building that much more appealing.
Our preschool math manipulatives are perfectly shaped for stacking, building, and developing those all-important fine motor skills. These color sorting toys can be used to create artistic designs or for sorting and counting.
The educational rainbow stones set pre-k learning materials is inclusive of 6 different colors and 6 different sizes of plastic stones, 36 in all. 20 full-colored, double-sided activity cards. This toy set also includes 6 matching colors cups (Rede, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple), 40 unique designs, 2 Dices,1 small plastic tong,4 eyes. The educational rainbow stones set developmental toy is conveniently stored in a plastic container.
COLORFUL & TACTILE – Our lightweight rainbow stacking toy stones are visually appealing to inspire color matching. The rainbow rocks’ smooth surface encourages touch and these preschool manipulatives are ideal as a pre-math resource for the early learner.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS – These colorful kindergarten manipulatives are perfectly shaped for building, stacking, and sorting, helping to develop fine motor skills. The balancing stones are a great way to teach your child how to count and sort, boost hand-eye coordination, and for creating artistic designs.
LANGUAGE – The variable sizes and the vibrant colors of our kindergarten learning toy set besides stimulating imaginative thinking will encourage children to discuss their designs and practice language.
AGE GROUP – Due to the expansive scope and versatility of these early learning kindergarten math manipulatives they are ideal for students at early preschool age through to kindergarten
ACTIVITY CARDS – The educational colorful stones come with 20 double-sided activity cards with a large variety of colorful designs. Use these stacking toys as a pre-school teaching aid to assist with the enhancement of cognitive skills and logical analysis

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