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Product You order:
1 x Detailed application instructions/A5 paper
3x Highest Quality Vinyl / 3x 600mm*400mm
How to install it Note:Just peel and sticker
Fisrt Make Sure the Wall is Clean, Flat and Smooth.
—–Then Follow the A5paper to connect it.
(peel and stick without using transfer film)
It wasn’t too difficult to put up, but it Was a little time-consuming You get 3 rolls of “stickers” in the package.
you may spent some time cutting the branches out and then laid them out flat on a table overnight, with something heavy on them in hopes they’d straighten out a bit (not much).
you just peel and stick. (Make sure your wall is free of dust & lint.)
you started by cutting away just an inch of the white backing, then lining the exposed branch sticker up with whatever other branch you will connecting to, then once aligned and ensuring it was securely adhering to the wall, you’d slowly roll the backing off the rest of the branch and press it to the wall as you went.
Once properly in place, you’burnished’ it with a handy little tool you already had (e.g., scraped a hard flat edge against the sticker to enforce adhesion).
THIS PART IS IMPORTANT!!!!! You need to ‘burnish’ each branch after you stick it to the wall (and go from thick end to thin ends) since light sticking sometimes leave trapped air that makes it bunch up in tiny sections – burnishing releases the air and in some cases minutely expands the size of the sticker.
Then once all the branches are in place, you can start with the leaves.) This wall art mural blends perfectly with your chosen color scheme.
Use this Nursery tree decal set as a addition to your baby nursery decor.

☑CREATIVE – Create hand paint effect on your wall. Add a festive life and personality to any space!
☑SIMPLE – This is extremely easy to do and can be done with one person, but two people is recommended.Pre-cut, peel &stick then connect it to the wall.No instructions needed, just clean the wall with rubbing alcohol before applying just to guarantee there is nothing on the wall that will affect performance.
☑ TOP QUALITY MATERIALS – High Quality Matte finish vinyl is used for this nursery wall design
☑SIZE – Finished size as picture: 5.9(ft) h x 4.13(ft) w .

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