Kanken Backpack

Kanken Backpack

The Unmissable Kanken Backpack for Outdoor Travellers

For every outdoor travel enthusiast, a reliable, durable, and stylish backpack is an absolute necessity. Amongst the vast spectrum of backpacks available, few brands make their mark like Fjallraven’s Kanken backpack.

A Brief History

Introduced in 1978, the Kanken backpack was initially intended for Swedish school children. However, its diverse functionality and striking design gained popularity far beyond the classroom, making it a go-to choice for travellers round the globe. Over four decades later, the Kanken backpack remains at the top, not just as a fashionable item, but as an embodiment of practical design and resilience.

Functionality and Design

When it comes to user-friendly design and practical functionality, the Kanken backpack ticks all the boxes. Its boxy shape ensures maximum storage capacity, and the sturdy zippers allow easy access to belongings. The backpack comes with multiple pockets, including a secure inside sleeve – a perfect fit for a laptop or a hydration system for long trips.

Additional outer pockets can accommodate items that need to be accessed quickly. Highly regarded for its ergonomic design, the Kanken backpack is equipped with a pair of adjustable, padded shoulder straps plus a set of short haul handles, allowing it to be carried as both a backpack and a handbag.

Quality and Durability

A travel companion reflects its owner’s reliability. And durability stands as an emblem of reliability. It’s not just about withstanding the test of time, it’s about growing into a timeless beacon of style. The Kanken backpack is made of Vinylon F, a synthetic material that’s lightweight but notorious for its strength and resistance to wear and tear. Whether you are hiking under the scorching sun, or bracing the biting winter breeze, the Kanken backpack is made to endure the quirks of every journey.

Environmental Sustainability

Along with quality, Kanken also keeps in stride with the global shift towards environmental awareness. Fjallraven has adopted a modern approach to manufacturing, taking palpable steps towards ensuring sustainability. In an attempt to reduce carbon footprint, it has introduced a range of bags, the Re-Kanken, produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Style and Versatility

Though functionality and durability are vital, a backpack that doesn’t match your style often loses its charm. With the Kanken backpack, the blend of classic design with a twist of modern aesthetics makes it an instant fashion statement. Available in a range of colours and three different sizes, there is a Kanken for every traveller.

Final Thoughts

Offering a perfect balance between fashion and function, durability and comfort, the Kanken Backpack is a valuable addition to any travel gear. Whether your adventure calls for unpredictable terrains or bustling urban sprawls, the Kanken backpack makes for a reliable and stylish companion. Browse through a fine collection of these here at Best Backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of a standard Kanken Backpack?

A standard Kanken backpack can hold up to 16 litres of items, making it a perfect book bag, or a day pack for short hikes.

What are the two handles on top for?

The two handles at the top of the backpack are designed to carry the bag like a briefcase. This makes the Kanken a versatile choice, as it can be used as a backpack or a carry bag depending on the need and situation.

Can a Kanken Backpack accommodate a laptop?

The Kanken Backpack comes with an inside sleeve that can comfortably hold a 13-inch laptop. There are also larger versions of Kanken, designed with a padded compartment that can accommodate a laptop of up to 17 inches.

Is the Kanken Backpack waterproof?

The Kanken Backpack is made of Vinylon F, a fabric that swells when it becomes damp, making it more resistant to water penetration. While this doesn’t make it 100% waterproof, it certainly offers a decent level of water resistance.

How to clean a Kanken Backpack?

To clean a Kanken Backpack, it is recommended to softly brush it using lukewarm water and mild soap. It should not be machine washed or dry cleaned, as this can harm the material and structure of the bag.

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